Interact with your neighbors and management

Maintenance or Management
questions or concerns?
Please call (773) 227-2468

Laundry Facilities

We have 3 laundry rooms. Each is accessible at the rear of the building, at the north, south and central basement entrances. All machines use smart cards for payment. Each resident is provided with 1-2 cards depending on the # of bedrooms. Additional cards may be purchased for $5 from our property manager.  Treat the cards and their value as cash. Add value to your smart cards HERE. As with the athletic facility and meeting rooms, please be considerate of your neighbors who live above them and keep sound disturbances to a minimum and observe the hours of 7am – 11pm at all times (9am-9pm in the athletic and meeting rooms). Report maintenance issues immediately by calling the number on the machines or by using the super-fast Coinmach Service App (Android/ iOS)
All machines use High Efficiency detergent. Everyone’s clothes will be cleaner if standard (high-suds) detergents are avoided.
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Athletic Facility

Accessible from the 4726 (center) rear entry. Currently open for use between the hours of 9am -9pm only. There is no sound insulation between the basement and 1st floors, so please be considerate of your neighbors. Please be courteous of your neighbors and keep the levels respectable. DO NOT unplug anything, install your own or move existing equipment. DO NOT hang from anything other than the installed equipment. Contact the management for maintenance issues. Also, please remember to turn the lights out when you leave. All equipment and lighting is wired to the switch at the door for ease of use.

Basement Storage

Please do not place items for long term storage outside of your designated cage. If you need additional space, affordable designated areas may be available. Contact the manager for more information. Also, no upholstered items or unsealed bedding, etc… All unsecured items can be removed with no advance warning.

We have 6 bike racks located in the north and south basements, which can accommodate 40+ bicycles. Please only use these racks to secure your bike. Bikes locked to anything else will have the lock removed. We also have a bike rack at the front of our property, primarily for guests and neighborhood use. Bikes are not permitted to be locked anywhere else including the front or interior fence at any time and may be removed and relocated to the basement. Please be sure your bike riding guests are aware. If you are unable to find a place to lock your bike in the basement, please notify management to request additional bike storage or to remove abandoned bikes.

Please contact management for lockout issues.

If required, Dalai Foods, the small grocery at the SE corner of Leland and Broadway is great for making quality keys on the cheap.

Please only have key lock boxes (for dog walkers, etc…) attached to the side gate on the north side of our front fence and remember to remove them after they needed. Any attached elsewhere will be cut off and discarded. 


Sheridan Gardens has 12 parking spaces available for rent. Please contact management for more information and availability.
Please attempt to locate anyone parked in a space before calling the tow service, as it may be a service or utility vehicle.

Dog Owners

A reminder that pets are prohibited from defecating in our courtyard or back walk ways. We realize that accidents may happen and your pooch may not be able to make it out after holding it all day, but the courtyard should not be considered the only dog walking destination. Absolutely, you must clean up from your dog wherever they may defecate, but please make an effort to leave the courtyard area to let your pet do his business. Our courtyard is a great asset to our building. Lets keep it nice! Everyone appreciates your cooperation.
Great nearby places to take your dog (click for more info):
Puptown dog park
Montrose Dog Beach
Chase Park (unofficially)

Electrical Breaker Panels
If you trip a circuit breaker for your unit, you’ll locate your panel in the basement, either directly under your unit, or of those across the hall. Tripped breakers often have a red indicator, or will be more wiggly than the others. Flip the tripped breaker switch back to reset.
Utility Account setup

Please establish your accounts by contacting these companies directly:

People’s Energy (for cooking gas)
Comed Electric
Cable/ Internet: RCN or Xfinity are popular choices

Missing Mail/ Packages?

Our regular mail carrier is #04.  The phone number for the Uptown Post Office is (773) 561-4846. 
Our regular UPS driver is excellent at leaving packages in our foyers. Substitute drivers as well as the varied FedEx drivers will occasionally leave packages in the wrong foyer or at the management office of the neighboring building to our south, located on the ground floor at the front of their building.

Snow or Ice removal

Snow will be plowed on all walkways on property. We use pet and environmentally safer magnesium chloride ice melt pellets on site. Additionally, containers of  ice melt can be found in each foyer and at the rear of most porches for resident use as needed. Please do not use other products which can be harmful to our pets, plants and the wood porch structure. Please also use ice melt sparingly on the porch structure as it can damage the wood.